Being a considerate neighbour

Being a considerate neighbour

We live in a noisy society, but what is acceptable to you may be unbearable to your neighbours.

Being considerate about the amount of noise you make (and when you make it) can help you keep a good relationship with your neighbours, and avoid a noise complaint being made against you.

TVs, music and gaming

  • keep the volume as low as possible, especially late at night - use headphones if you can
  • when not using headphones, the bass control should be set at a low level as the "bass beat" can be particularly irritating
  • if you are having a party or barbecue, remember the neighbours - let them know beforehand or better still invite them (most people are willing to accept more noise occasionally if they know when it will end)

Barking dogs

  • don't let your dog bark or whine for long periods
  • keep your dog indoors if it barks constantly when unattended or disturbed
  • if your dog still barks when indoors, make arrangements to leave it with a neighbour or friend or get someone to call in - leave its favourite toy or put the radio on at very low volume
  • move the kennel or erect a fence so that your dog is disturbed less often by passers-by

Get advice on how to deal with your dog's barking.


  • carry out noisier work during the day, keeping the evening for quiet work such as painting and decorating
  • complete the work as quickly as possible - don't let it drag on for months
  • let your neighbours know beforehand if you are going to be making a lot of noise, using power equipment or working on party walls or floors

Vehicles and car repairs

  • don't rev the engine excessively
  • close doors quietly
  • use car horn only for emergencies
  • keep music levels down, keep windows closed
  • if possible, carry out repair work in a garage
  • carry out noisy repairs during the day and avoid Sundays and bank holidays

In the home

  • position fridges, freezers, washing machines and loudspeakers well away from adjoining walls
  • stand washing machines and spin dryers on a solid floor, or place on a carpet or rubber mat to reduce vibration noise 
  • if people live below you, fit carpets and underlay rather than hard flooring

In the garden

  • don't let children to repeatedly kick a ball against your neighbour's wall or fence
  • try not to cut your grass or trim your hedges very early in the morning or late in the evening
  • if you're playing music outdoors keep it to a level for you to hear
  • be aware of how noise carries outdoors such as from parties and barbecues

Last updated on 01/12/2023