Fly-tipping facts and figures

We spend thousands of pounds every year cleaning up waste that has just been dumped - and that money comes from your Council Tax. 

We use various methods and technology to identify offenders. This includes covert surveillance at fly-tipping hot spots, carrying out stop-and-search exercises with the police on vehicles that may be carrying waste, and working with the Environment Agency.

We also have our own team of dedicated enforcement officers who are highly trained in tracing offenders.


Fly-tipping data

We report information about fly-tipping cases in the borough to the government, along with details of other waste related services.

Every quarter we upload detailed information to the national WasteDataFlow management system.

You can register on WasteDataFlow and access the information we have provided.

You can also see data about the fly-tipping cases we have dealt with since 2012-2013 on

Last updated on 27 November 2023