Grounds maintenance standards

The Bereavement Services Section is responsible for the grounds maintenance operations at the crematorium and on council-owned cemeteries throughout the borough.

This work includes grass cutting, hedge cutting, shrub bed maintenance, flower beds and rose bed maintenance.  

We aim to maintain the grounds of these facilities to a standard that provides a place of comfort, tranquillity and reflection for all those who visit. We, therefore, seek to achieve the maintenance standards listed below. If you believe that these standards are not being met, please let us know by phoning 01246 345888 or emailing

Trees, shrubs and hedges

Trimmed, pruned and/or cut to maintain healthy growth and so as to minimise:

  • the risk of crime and or vandalism
  • the opportunity for storm wind damage
  • risk of fire
  • the obstruction of roadways, pathways, car parks, etc

Ensure these areas are:

  • secure and safe
  • free from dead or dying branches
  • free from litter
  • free from disease and/or aphid infestation
  • replaced as and when necessary to maintain appearance

Grassed areas

  • of uniform appearance with no patches
  • edges trimmed
  • free from mole and/or rabbit infestation
  • free from fallen leaves, weeds and litter, excrement
  • maintained to a uniform length between 25 and 50 mm

Flower beds 

  • fully stocked with an appropriate mix of annual, perennial and display plants to provide aesthetically pleasing beds throughout the year
  • free from fallen leaves, weeds and litter
  • free from disease and/or aphid infestation

Site circulation routes, including pavings, paths, driveways, roads, car parks, hardstandings, facility entrances

  • sound, safe and even surface with no potholes or sinkings
  • free from standing water, ice, snow
  • free from fallen leaves, moss algae or interstitial weeds
  • kerbs and edgings are sound
  • no loose kerbs or paving stones
  • road markings are clear and complete
  • free from graffiti and/or vandalism
  • provides provision for good disabled access, such as the the visually impaired and wheelchair users

External furniture and structures, including copings, statues or ornamental objects

  • sound, secure, safe and free from damage
  • operating at their design performance where applicable
  • free from moss, algae and/or interstitial weeds
  • free from graffiti and or vandalism  

Boundaries, including fences/walls, gates

  • intact, safe, sound and secure
  • free from graffiti and damage
  • operational locks
  • free from graffiti and/or vandalism

External signposting

  • secure and sound
  • don't hinder visibility of cars and pedestrians at junctions
  • be in appropriate locations
  • highly visible, both day and night
  • offering clear and concise information
  • free from graffiti and/or vandalism

Gutters and drains

  • swept
  • free from litter, leaves, weeds and extraneous material

Crematorium site

  • free from litter, including cigarette ends and chewing gum residue
  • bins shall be less than 75 per cent capacity and free from malodour

Last updated on 23/11/2023