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Are we accessible to you?

Are we accessible to you?

We want everyone to be able to understand us.

We want everyone to be able to read our written materials.

We aim to provide what you need to enable you to be involved in our activities – by attending meetings, reading our leaflets, talking and writing to us.

On request we will provide free:

  • language interpreters, including British Sign Language
  • translations of written materials into other languages
  • materials in braille, large print, easy read or audio.

Please contact us:

  • general enquiries - 01246 345345
  • general enquiries mobile phone text only - 079609 10264
  • housing enquiries - 01246 345177
  • leisure enquiries - 01246 345096
  • environmental enquiries - 01246 345734
  • planning enquiries - 01246 345811

or email

Last updated on 04 March 2020