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Planning policy and the Local Plan

Planning policy and the Local Plan

Our Local Plan guides how and where development will take place in the borough, and it is the basis for how we make decisions on planning applications.

We have looked at a wide range of information and research to find out everything we can about our borough and the needs of our residents and businesses, both now and in the future. This helps us to see what development needs to take place and where it can happen, and we use this to build our Local Plan.

Our current Local Plan

The Local Plan for Chesterfield Borough currently consists of the following documents and strategies:

This is supported by a wide range of research and information that can be found in the evidence base

The new Local Plan

We are currently working on a new Local Plan that will replace the above documents.

This will provide an update of the overall strategy for the borough and new site allocations looking ahead to 2036.

Supplementary guidance

There is a set of Supplementary Planning Documents to provide extra guidance on certain issues. We also publish informal site-specific advice on key regeneration sites.

Other Local Plan documents

Supporting the Local Plan, we have also published the following required documents:

For more details please contact us at or call 01246 345790.

Please note: minerals and waste local development documents are prepared by Derbyshire County Council

More information

You can read more about the purpose of Local Plans and how they are developed on

Last updated on 06 April 2020