Independent remuneration panel for members' allowances

We are legally required to operate an Independent Remuneration Panel in relation to councillors' allowances.

The panel must consist of at least three people whose purpose is to make recommendations about the allowances paid to elected members. The panel must review the council's scheme each year. The council must "have regard" to the panel's recommendations, but need not follow them. None of the panel members can be a member of the council or one of its committees, or of an authority in respect of which the panel makes recommendations. To be a member of a panel, you must not be disqualified from being a member of a local authority.

The council has a legal obligation to publish the recommendations of any review by the panel and the council’s decision as to those recommendations.

For further information, please contact our Monitoring Office on 01246 936471.

Last updated on 17/10/2023