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Members' allowances

Members' allowances

Chesterfield Borough councillors are entitled to claim allowances in connection with carrying out their duties as councillors. These include a basic allowance for all councillors, and a special responsibility allowance for those with additional responsibilities. In recent years, in response to government legislation, the allowances have been changed from a system based on attendance to a basic allowance to cover most member duties. 

Members' allowances are periodically reviewed by an Independent Remuneration Panel. However, overall allowances have not been increased since April 2009, in line with the public sector pay freeze.

Full details of the current scheme are available in Part 6 of the council constitution.

The council has a legal obligation to publish an annual statement of basic/special responsibility/attendance allowances and any travel and subsistence allowances paid to its members during a financial year.

Details of payments made each year can be downloaded below. 

Members' Allowances paid during 2018-19 PDF (PDF 24 KB)
Members' Allowances paid during 2017-18 PDF (PDF 366 KB)
Members' Allowances paid during 2016-17 PDF (PDF 202 KB)
Members' Allowances paid during 2015-16 PDF (PDF 122 KB)
Members' Allowances paid during 2014–15 PDF (PDF 25 KB)
Members' Allowances paid during 2013–14 PDF (PDF 44 KB)
Members' Allowances paid during 2012–13 PDF (PDF 47 KB)

Last updated on 09 March 2016