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What we spend and how we spend it

What we spend and how we spend it

This section contains information about the council’s finances.

This includes details about:

Financial statement of accounts

These are the most recent approved statements of accounts and external auditors’ report on accounts:

Conclusion of Accounts Notice 2019-20 PDF (PDF 64 KB)
Statement of Accounts 2019-2020 PDF (PDF 1.3 MB)
Annual Audit Letter 2018-19 PDF (PDF 858 KB)
Conclusion of Accounts Notice 2018-19 PDF (PDF 186 KB)
Statement of Accounts 2018-19 PDF (PDF 1.18 MB)
Audit Strategy Memorandum 2018-19 PDF (PDF 1.05 MB)
Statement of Accounts 2017-18 PDF (PDF 1.33 MB)
Statement of Accounts 2016-17 PDF (PDF 2.02 MB)
Statement of Accounts 2015-16 PDF (PDF 2.58 MB)
Annual Audit Letter 2015-16 PDF (PDF 179 KB)
Statement of Accounts 2014–15 PDF (PDF 792 KB)
Statement of Accounts 2013–14 PDF (PDF 752 KB)
Annual Audit Letter 2013–14 PDF (PDF 484 KB)
Statement of Accounts 2012–13 PDF (PDF 774 KB)
Statement of Accounts 2011–12 PDF (PDF 795 KB)
Summarised Statement of Accounts 2010–11 PDF (PDF 2.66 MB)
Statement of Accounts 2010–11 PDF (PDF 1.79 MB)
Annual Audit Letter 2010–11 PDF (PDF 634 KB)
Summarised Statement of Accounts 2009–10 PDF (PDF 176 KB)
Statement of Accounts 2009–10 PDF (PDF 776 KB)
Annual Audit Letter 2009–10 PDF (PDF 246 KB)
Summarised Statement of Accounts 2008–09 PDF (PDF 72 KB)
Statement of Accounts 2008–09 PDF (PDF 723 KB)

Inspecting our accounts

Find out when you can inspect our accounts here

Sheffield City Region Combined Authority Accounts

We also publish financial statements of accounts for the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority.

Payments over £500

In line with government requirements, we publish online details showing items of spend over £500 made to suppliers for goods and services and senior salary information.

Contracts register

Chesterfield Borough Council has recently implemented a new procurement portal and within this our publication arrangements for the corporate contracts register.

The council has now implemented an eProcurement system called Proactis and moving forward all our procurement will be via this system. The Proactis system also allows the council to publish all new contracts directly to a publicly viewable contracts register. View the contracts register.

The council are currently in the process of transferring all active historical contracts over to the new contracts register. All newly awarded contracts will be publish directly to this new Contracts Register. 

This is a record of what Chesterfield Borough Council holds on contracts including those managed by its shared procurement service and a public private partner. This does not currently include contracts with a value under £5,000 which is undertaken by individual internal service areas.

Contracts Register at November 2020 PDF (PDF 901 KB)

Senior salaries and pay policy

The senior salary information as at 31 March 2019 is as follows:

  • Chief executive: £108,731.00
  • Executive directors: £90,212.00 (only 1 in post)
  • Director of finance and resources £82,416.00

The headcount as at 31 March 2019 - 935
The number of FTEs as at 31 March 2019 - 719

Section 38 (1) of the Localism Act 2011, requires all local authorities in England and Wales to produce a Pay Policy Statement. The Act and supporting statutory guidance provides details of matters that should be included in this statutory pay policy which must be complied with when setting the terms and conditions of chief officers. The policy must be formally approved by full council each year and published on the council’s website.

Senior Pay Policy 2019-2020 PDF (PDF 139 KB)
NJC pay scales April 2019 PDF (PDF 17 KB)

Members’ allowances scheme

The scheme for payments to members is included in part 6 of the Constitution.

Summary of allowances paid to members. This is published annually.

Trade union (TU) facility time

The following figures are based on information required under the Local Government Transparency Code 2014:

Total number of TU representatives: 26 total, 23.13 FTE (full time equivalents)

Total number of TU representatives who devote between 1% and 50% of their time to TU duties: 19

Trade Unions represented at Chesterfield Borough Council: GMB, UNISON, UNITE

Basic estimate of spending on unions (see Note 1): approximately £22,102

Basic estimate of spending as a percentage of total pay bill (see Note 2): 0.09%

Note 1: Approximately 1,407 hours per annum other officers @ approximately £15.71 per hour - £22,102

Note 2: Total pay bill figure used £25.32m (2019/20 outturn)

Contract with Arvato Government Services

On 18 October 2010, Chesterfield Borough Council and Arvato Government Services entered into a contract for a ten-year partnership agreement for Arvato to deliver a range of financial, customer, information and property services.

At the same time, with the agreement of the council, Arvato sub-contracted with Kier for Kier to provide engineering, facilities maintenance and asset management services.

Arvato directly provided ICT, customer services, human resources, revenues, benefits, payroll, accounts payable, invoice processing and debt recovery services.

To support the delivery of these services 170 council employees transferred to Arvato and 34 to Kier on their current terms.

Over the course of the contract, the partnership will make savings of over £4 million on the cost of services and will invest £1.7 million in technology and infrastructure.

This investment also included the opening of a modern customer service centre.

In October 2018, with the agreement of both Arvato and the council, ICT and HR staff transferred back to the council. This was done to enable the delivery of a long-term IT investment programme that will continue beyond the length of the contract with Arvato.

All other services are unaffected and will continue to be provided by Arvato and their subcontractor Kier for the duration of the contract.

Internal financial regulations 

Last updated on 01 April 2021