Energy certificates

Energy certificates

Display Energy Certificates and Advisory Reports are required for all public buildings with a floor area of over 1000m².

A Display Energy Certificate shows the energy performance of a building based on actual energy consumption as recorded annually over periods up to the last three years (the Operational Rating).

The Operational Rating is a numerical indicator of the actual annual carbon dioxide emissions from the building. The Operational Rating is based on the amount of energy consumed during the occupation of the building over a period of 12 months from meter readings.

This rating is shown on a scale from A to G, where A is the lowest CO2 emissions (best) and G is the highest CO2 emissions (worst).

Also shown are the Operational Ratings for the previous two years; this provides information on whether the energy performance of the building is improving or not.

A Display Energy Certificate is valid for one year and must be updated annually.

All of the Display Energy Certificates for Chesterfield Borough Council's eligible buildings are displayed on site but are also listed below.

If our documents are not accessible to you, you can request a different format here.
Staveley Healthy Living Centre Energy Certificate PDF (PDF 1.17 MB)
Market Hall Energy Certificate PDF (PDF 1.16 MB)
Chesterfield Museum Energy Certificate PDF (PDF 1.16 MB)
Stonegravels Energy Certificate PDF (PDF 1.16 MB)
Pomegranate Theatre Energy Certificate PDF (PDF 1.16 MB)
Queens Park Sports Centre Energy Certificate PDF (PDF 1.19 MB)
Revenues Hall Energy Certificate PDF (PDF 1.16 MB)
Town Hall Energy Certificate PDF (PDF 1.17 MB)
Winding Wheel Energy Certificate PDF (PDF 1.17 MB)

Should you have any queries regarding Display Energy Certificates, contact Melanee Livesey, energy officer, on 01246 345421 or

Last updated on 11 November 2021