Damaged park and play equipment

Damaged park and play equipment

We want our parks and playgrounds to be safe for everyone to enjoy.

So we need to know if there is a problem with play equipment, furniture or other fixtures, such as:

  • slides, swings and other play equipment
  • benches, fences and gates
  • flooring, surfacing and signs

If there is graffiti you can report it here.

Report a problem

Tell us if equipment in a park is damaged or broken.

You will need to give us the location of the park or be able to mark it on a map. Please also tell us the name of the park if you know it. 

You can send us a photo of the problem, but don't take photos if you feel it isn't safe. 

Report a playground problem



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What we can do

We will make the area safe so that the damaged equipment doesn't cause injury.

Depending on the cause and extent of the damage we will decide whether to repair, replace or remove the equipment.

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Last updated on 16/11/2023