Pigeons are a real nuisance in the town centre. Their droppings are not only unsightly but can also cause long-term damage to buildings. When the droppings get wet they can become slippery and unsafe in pedestrian areas. The council is urging the public to stop feeding the pigeons to help get rid of what is regarded as a pest, but more importantly to keep areas free of pigeon droppings and food waste.


Enforcement officers have been instructed to discourage the public from feeding pigeons. The actual act of throwing food on the floor for the birds is classed as litter, so people could be liable for the on-spot fixed penalty of £60.

Stop feeding

If food is readily available, the pigeons will breed all year round and the numbers of birds in the flock will rise dramatically.

If however, the food supply is reduced, the flock size will reduce. Pigeons control their own numbers very effectively and a reduction in the food supply does not mean the birds will die of starvation, it just means that they will breed less often.

Last updated on 20/11/2023