This page explains how to choose and order a memorial at Chesterfield and District Crematorium. For general information about Chesterfield and District Crematorium, please go to the main Bereavement Services page.

Chesterfield ’s Bereavement Service is able to provide information and assistance with a variety of memorials. Our staff would be happy to assist you.


Memorials at Chesterfield and District Crematorium

In the weeks following a cremation, a memorial pack containing application forms will be sent to the applicant, giving details of all the types of memorialisation available together with a coloured brochure. Alternatively, requests for application forms for memorials can be made at the Bereavement Services Office.

Listed below are a number of ways in which the lives of relatives and friends can be commemorated at Chesterfield and District Crematorium:

  • Book of Remembrance
  • miniature books and memorial cards
  • commemorative rose bushes
  • memorial vase blocks
  • memorial trees
  • memorial benches

You can order any of these memorials by requesting an application form and sending this with the appropriate remittance to the Bereavement Services Office. It is not possible to pay online at the present time. Please click on the related link for a list of the current fees and charges.

If you need any help in completing the form please contact us. You will be offered advice and guidance from experienced members of staff who are more than happy to assist you.

When the application form is returned to us with payment (by cheque, cash or card payment), we will arrange for the appropriate memorial to be provided by our approved suppliers. Depending on the type of memorial selected, completion times will vary.


The Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance is a permanent memorial that is displayed every day of the year in the Hall of Remembrance at the Crematorium. A page is provided for each day of the year. The book is open daily on the appropriate page and no appointment is needed to view it. If you wish to view a page other than the one on display, it will be necessary to contact one of our chapel attendants to turn the pages for you. In such cases it is wise to telephone before travelling to the crematorium to ensure that the page you wish to view is available.

A personal epitaph of up to 224 letters can be inscribed in the book beneath the name of the deceased. In addition, a colour illustration can be hand painted alongside the epitaph.


Miniature books and memorial cards

It is also possible to order replicas of an inscription in the Book of Remembrance in the form of miniature books and memorial cards, which provide a memorial for you to retain as a personal keepsake or to send to family or friends that live a distance away.


Commemorative rose bushes

Rose bushes have been planted within the rose beds throughout the Gardens of Remembrance. They may be dedicated for a period of ten years. Each rose bush is marked with a commemorative Perspex plaque, which can be inscribed with up to 120 letters.


Memorial vase blocks

In the gardens adjoining the crematorium, we can provide a marble memorial vase block and plaque bearing your choice of epitaph to the deceased with an aluminium insert for placing cut flowers. These are available to be leased over a ten-year period and are set alongside the paths beside the strewing areas. The lease can be renewed or extended if desired. Epitaphs may contain as many as 75 letters.


Memorial benches

Memorial benches can be sponsored and placed in suitable positions within the Garden of Remembrance and cemeteries. A bronze plaque with an epitaph of up to 120 letters may be fitted to the backrest.

Please note: Sponsorship of a memorial bench conveys the right to display a bronze plaque on it for ten years. The purchaser of any right to display a plaque or inscription acquires no Right of Burial.

For further details of the above memorial facilities, please telephone or call into the Bereavement Services Office.


Opening hours

The Bereavement Services Office is open at the following times:

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm


Book of Remembrance viewing hours

Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm
Bank Holidays, Saturday and Sundays, 11am to 4pm

The crematorium gates are open all year between 8.30am and 4.30pm each weekday. On Saturdays and Sundays the gates are open between 10am and 4pm.


Who to contact

Crematorium Office
Phone: 01246 345888

Postal address:
Chesterfield and District Crematorium
Chesterfield Road
S43 1AU

If our documents are not accessible to you, you can request a different format here.
Memorial Application Bulb Planting PDF (PDF 147 KB)
Memorial Application Book Of Remembrance PDF (PDF 145 KB)
Memorial Application Kerb Unit PDF (PDF 148 KB)
Memorial Application Mushroom PDF (PDF 147 KB)
Memorial Application Never Land Barbican PDF (PDF 120 KB)
Memorial Application Pond Marker PDF (PDF 146 KB)
Memorial Application Rose Bush PDF (PDF 145 KB)
Memorial Application Sanctum PDF (PDF 147 KB)
Memorial Application Seat PDF (PDF 147 KB)
Memorial Application Tree PDF (PDF 145 KB)
Memorial information and terms and conditions PDF (PDF 2.25 MB)

Last updated on 22 March 2024