Music and photographs

Music and photographs

There are many ways that a funeral service can be personalised to reflect the life of the departed including the choice of music and the displaying of photographs.

At Chesterfield, our chapel is equipped with a state-of-the-art Obitus music system that can provide virtually any commercially available piece of music, hymn or organ music. 

We can also create a slide show of your own chosen photos that can be linked to music and shown on the 50 inch screens mounted in the chapel. Your funeral director will be able to assist you with this but please be aware that the deadline for Obitus to receive the photos and create the slideshow is 48 hours prior to the service taking place.

The growing music library currently has over 300,000 songs, which helps us to provide the families we serve with unique and personal funeral services. We can easily upload your personal music choice to our system to allow it to be played before, during or after the service. This gives families a comprehensive choice of music; not only a particular tune, but also a specified recording artist or even a specific version, such as, for example, a live recording.

We can also provide the services of a traditional organ and organist.

To request a specific piece of music for a funeral service, please speak to your funeral director, who can also advise on availability, as can staff at Chesterfield and District Crematorium. All music requirements for services must be advised to us two working days prior to the service.

Obitus pride themselves that they can find most requests, however seemingly unusual, as long as the piece was at sometime commercially recorded. If you have a unique recording, such as a relative singing, please contact your funeral director or Chesterfield and District Crematorium for advice, as we will probably be able to convert the recording to a suitable format and have it added to the Chesterfield Music library so it can be played for you.

The crematorium chapel is equipped with a loop system so that the music can be enjoyed by everyone.

Unfortunately, owing to copyright restrictions, compact discs and tape cassettes cannot be accepted at Chesterfield.

Please visit online music library and choose Chesterfield Crematorium from the list of venues to view the options available.

Last updated on 12 May 2023